Let My People Go

by Anchor
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Robert A. Jaffray was a giant among the pioneer missionary statesmen of the early 20th century. Heir to the Toronto Globe- one of Canada\'s leading newspapers- he turned his back on wealth and power to serve without promise of recognition in China. Responsible for an ever-growing work there, he simultaneously opened French Indochina to The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Later he orchestrated the missionary effort in Indonesia, today the largest Alliance field overseas.

Jaffray was a missionary general. His keen administrating, voluminous writing and incessant strategizing made him a natural leader. Aided by his wife Minnie, he never allowed poor health- diabetes and a heart condition- to deter him from his work for the Lord.

Committed to missions and the people of Southeast Asia to the end, Jaffray died a Martyr in a Japanese prison camp during World War 2. His story serves as an example of how God can use one person- limitations and all- to bring thousands to Himself.

It is little wonder, then, that when Christian Publications sought a name for its new series of missionary portraits, it settled on Jaffray. The story of Robert A. Jaffray, Let My People Go!, serves as a fitting inauguration for The Jaffray Collection of Missionary Portraits.