Legend of Sheba (Jewel Of Sheba)

by Anchor
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The author of the “brilliant” (Library Journal) and “intelligently imagined” (Kirkus Reviews) Iscariot has written a powerful new novel about a queen’s torrid love affair with King Soloman—filled with love, illicit passion, the illusion of possession, and the ultimate surrender to God.

In the tenth century BCE, on the eve of her father’s death, the new Queen of Sheba, Makeda, has inherited the throne and all his riches. Makeda’s realm stretches west across the Red Sea into land wealthy in gold, frankincense, and spices. But growing tension with Egypt threatens her trade routes by way of the Red Sea. The queen has heard tales of Solomon for some time. Concerned about alliance with Egypt, Makeda decides to travel north to cement her own alliance with Israel’s king. As she and Solomon spend days testing one another, Solomon becomes tortured by his love for her. He submits to love her and is willing to give her anything she asks of him—as a king or as a man.

As tensions rise within Israel, Solomon and Makeda are forced to acknowledge the impossibility of being together. They part ways and Makeda returns home with a secret, last gift from Solomon: the Ark of the Covenant. She has lost the man she loves but has gained his god.

Years later, a shipment arrives with it, a new scroll, bearing