Leaven Revealed

by Anchor
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The Bible has a lot to say about leaven and its effects upon the Believer. Leaven as an ingredient gives a false sense of growth. In the New Testament there are at least six types of leaven spoken about and we will be exploring them in detail, in order to ensure that our lives are completely free of the first five, and completely influenced by the sixth These types of leaven include the following: The leaven of the Pharisees; The leaven of the Sadducees; The leaven of the Galatians; The leaven of Herod; The leaven of the Corinthians. However, the Leaven of the Kingdom of God, is the only type of leaven that has the power and capacity to bring about true growth and lasting change to our lives. What Others Are Saying About This Book: We are inspired by works such as these that remind us of the necessity of an unquenchable appreciation of who God is and how we are to worship Him, in spirit and in truth. As you read this book, open your heart to the Spirit and Truth of God and let Him work in you for a greater and more exceeding weight of glory. Bishop Tudor Bismark - Jabula House; Harare, Zimbabwe We are indebted to Apostle Michael Scantlebury for this book, which deeply analyzes and exposes evil leaven of many kinds, but then ends up with a joyful and victorious revelation of the Leaven of the Kingdom. I love this book - C. Peter Wagner, Apostolic Ambassador The Church today is brashly confronted with ambiguous teachings and behaviours contrary to the Bible-Michael Scantlebury audaciously sets before us teaching that reveal the \good and bad\ of what precisely is meant by \A little leaven leavens the whole lump.\ Walter Boston, Jr. - Senior Apostolic Team Leader; C. A. U. S. E. International I love the idea behind this book. It is fresh, revelatory, and it opens key ideas from the Scripture that have been overlooked for a very long time. Brad Herman, The Arsenal Bookstore - www.arsenalbooks.com In my estimation, this is the most current and up to date book concerning leaven, a \Must Read,\ foundational book that must be echoed throughout the Church in order for the Church to be a true Light and Life to the World - Dr. Tim & Theresa Early - Apostles, Founder - The Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets International