Lean On Me

by Anchor
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Have you ever found yourself in what feels like your darkest hour desperately seeking a lifeline?Life has a way of throwing unexpected obstacles in our path, tripping us up, and bringing us to our knees. When these crises hit, who do you call? Who do you lean on? Anne Marie Miller found herself in one of these valleys on the floor of a hotel bathroom while on a business trip. Months of stress accumulated and?took its toll. In a moment of desperation, she picked up the phone?and?called?a friend for guidance. That simple phone call was the first step in a?transforming journey?of evaluating what community truly meant and looked like in her life.We live in a world and a generation where the word ?community? is often discussed. But how genuine and authentic are your relationships?really? Anne Marie noticed an important tension all of us must recognize in order to have life-giving friendships: ?We desperately want to belong yet at the same time, we yearn for independence.?In Lean On Me, Anne Marie Miller takes us along as she sets out to dig below the superficial and explore what choices are necessary to find intentional, vulnerable, and consistent community. Jesus was passionate about truth-speaking relationships. And with Anne Marie?s narrative and practical insights interwoven together, you will feel more equipped in your quest for these types of relationships as you seek people to lean on and as you pour love into those around you.