LeaderFit (June 2021)

by Anchor
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Your personal guide toleadership longevityLeaderFit is ?the conditioned ability to positively influence, motivate, equip, and empower others to the achievement of a goal or outcome over a sustained period of time with sustaining impact.?Are you LeaderFit? Are you conditioned with the ability to reach your goals while helping others accomplish theirs? Are you poised and disciplined enough to not only start the journey of leadership but also commit to finishing your leadership journey strong? If you can say yes, this book is for you.Within LeaderFit, pastor, coach, author, and speaker Pastor Andrew L. Momon Jr. (aka Pastor Mo), will motivate you to find the leadership potential that lies within you. He will awaken your sleeping giant and stir you in the direction of truth with: ? Practical, applicable, biblical principles and insight. ? Compelling questions to guide your LeaderFit journey. ? Contemplative narrative that will challenge you to hone your leadership prowess from the inside out. Whether you know there is more leadership potential within, are conditioned for the long-game journey of effective leadership, or have been running well on your leadership journey and need a pre-workout boost to launch yourself into beast mode, LeaderFit is for you!Let?s get LeaderFit!