La Animadora Historia De Alexander Graham Bell (Alexander Graham Bell) Digno es el Cordero

by CDI-Nest
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Teach Kindness, Dedication and and many other positive traits through the Nest Learning DVD on the life inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Discover how innovation and determination can lead to world-changing inventions as Alexander Graham Bell and his partner, Thomas Watson, turn a project to improve the telegraph system into the dream of the telephone! His speech lessons with deaf children give Bell the passion to pursue this discovery. As he watches one small boy struggle to learn to speak, he‰۪s inspired to create a device that amplifies sound to make it possible for the deaf to hear. The result was the development of the first telephone.Excellent for developing homeschool curriculum and a great teaching resource for the month of March.åÊ (Alexander Graham Bell‰۪s birthday is March 3). Each Interactive Alexander Graham Bell DVD features:åÊåÊåÊåÊAll features offered in English and SpanishåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊEnglish and Spanish movie and subtitles and audio dialogåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊHave funåÊlearning history and characteråÊwith 3-Level Interactive QuizåÊBonus Offer - Each Alexander Graham Bell DVD includes a Free Instant Download ofåÊour 48 Page Activity and Coloring bookThisåÊeducational videoåÊtells the story of the man referred to as "the father of the deaf,‰۝Bell found time to teach speech lessons at the Boston School for theDeaf. And despite challenges, his determination and innovative mind ledto the world-changing invention of the telephone.Main Characters:Alexander Graham Bell; Thomas Watson, his assistant; Mr. Hubbard; Joseph Henry; David; Mrs. FlugerOverall Theme:Alexander Graham Bell is passionate in teaching the deaf.åÊ This translates to his work on creating a way for voices to transport through a wire.åÊ As with all inventions, frustration often blocks the path of creativity, but Bell triumphs over doubt and invents the telephone.Summary:Alexander Graham Bell (March 3, 1847-August 2,1922) was a scientist, inventor, and innovator.åÊ Perhaps due to hisfamily‰۪s association with the teaching of elocution‰ÛÓthe study of formalspeaking in pronunciation, grammar, style, and tone‰ÛÓAlexander GrahamBell had an infatuation with acoustics, the study of sound. When Thomas Watson and Bell begin their work for a multiple telegraph, Bell becomes convinced that he can send the complex sounds of human speech over a wire from its vibrations.åÊ Mr. Hubbard, the financier of the telegraph project, laughs when Bell first tells him about the idea for the project and says he will not finance it.åÊ Frustrated, Bell and Watson begin to work on the telephone while working on the telegraph without Hubbard knowing it.Bell is constantly inspired by his deaf students and longs to teach them to speak and communicate.åÊ His first dream had always been to become a teacher of the deaf.åÊ But, as Bell becomes more and more engrossed in making the telephone invention work, he has little time to work with the students.Bell is frustrated and tired.åÊ He first loses a student, David, who chooses to give up on his studies and return home, and he is alsoåÊ unsuccessful attempts to make the telephone work. As he rests on a park bench, his spirit is renewed when a mime communicates with him.åÊ He realizes he could never fail if he keeps trying.åÊ He and Watson continue working on the telephone with great enthusiasm.Finally, the telephone experimenting works as sound is transmitted through a tube.åÊ Watson clearly understands Bell when he says, ‰ÛÏWatson, come here.åÊ I want you.‰۝åÊ As they share the joys of success, school begins again.åÊ Bell is rewarded by the return of David who has practiced all summer and knows he can succeed, too.Background:When the odds are against you, what can you do?åÊ Alexander Graham Bell knew ‰ÛÒ keep on trying.åÊ His was a time when communication came by way of a telegram or by mail.åÊ He could not pick up a device and within seconds speak with someone on the other side of the town, much less the other side of the world.Bell knew the power of speech through his work with the deaf.åÊ He knew that sound was transmitted because of vibrations.åÊ It was because of this background that the possibility of voice transmittal became apparent.åÊ Even though Bell did not understand electrical theory, his belief in the possibility drove him to continue in his experiments.Bell was compassionate in both invention and teaching.åÊ This compassion is what steered Bell in the right direction to make the telephone possible.Other Fun Facts:At age eleven, Alexander Graham Bell adopted the middle name 'Graham' out of admiration for Alexander Graham, a family friend. Both Bell‰۪s mother and wife were deaf. Although born in Scotland, Bell became a Canadian citizen at the age of 23.BONUS Resource & Activity BooksEachinteractive DVD includes a 48-page instant download Resource &Activity Book full of skill-developing activities, word games, puzzles,coloring pages, and more! Provides hours of fun and learning for theentire family! The special ‰ÛÏCertificate of Achievement‰۝ located in theback of the book serves as an excellent award your child can displayafter completing the activities.Principles and Values Taught in This VideoKindness, Dedication, Idealism, Concentration, and Endurance.