La Animadora Historia De Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln) Digno es el Cordero

by CDI-Nest
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Teach honesty, faith, wisdom and other positive character traits through the Nest Learning DVD on the life of Abraham Lincoln. A century ago, only one man stood in the way of the disintegration of the United States of America- and he was a gangly, storytelling country lawyer from Illinois with no political experience at the national level.åÊ And yet by the sheer force of his will and his uncompromising stand on critical issues, Abraham Lincoln not only saved the nation but carved out an immortal place in world history. Excellent for developing homeschool curriculum and a great teaching resource for the month of February.åÊ (Both Abraham Lincoln‰۪s birthday and President‰۪s Day are February 12). Each Interactive Abraham Lincoln DVD features:åÊåÊåÊåÊAll features offered in English and SpanishåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊEnglish and Spanish movie and subtitles and audio dialogåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊHave funåÊlearning history and characteråÊwith 3-Level Interactive QuizåÊBonus Offer - Each Abraham Lincoln DVD includes a Free Instant Download ofåÊour 48 Page Activity and Coloring book This fascinating story inspires viewers with the life of America‰۪s most beloved president. Abraham Lincoln (aka, ‰ÛÏHonest Abe‰۝) is noted for hislasting influence on U.S. politics ‰ÛÒ promoting the idea of nationalism,enlarging the control of the federal government, and by encouraging‰ÛÏfree labor.‰۝Little-Known Facts: Lincoln, Illinois is the only town in the United States named for and by Abraham Lincoln before he became President Lincoln‰۪s administration is credited with issuing the first national Greenbacks (paper money), setting up the Department of Agriculture, and imposing the first income tax Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd, had 4 sons, with only one surviving into adulthoodMain Characters:Abraham Lincoln, Mary Lincoln, their sons Tad and Willie, William Seward, John Hay, Frederick DouglassOverall Theme:Abraham Lincoln committed himself to the cause of democracy and the Union.åÊ With his dedication to these ideals and his uncompromising stand on critical issues, Lincoln saved our nation and carved out an immortal place in world history.Summary:Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809-April 15, 1865) was born in Hardin County, Kentucky and served as the 16th President of the United States. An outspoken challenger of the institution of slavery, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and promoted the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865. He also was responsible for the Proclamation of Thanksgiving.The newly elected President, Abraham Lincoln, and his family are leaving their hometown for the journey to Washington.åÊ He bids his friends and neighbors farewell.åÊ We can see that Lincoln gains strength from his family, especially from his sons Tad and Willie.åÊ He needs all the strength he can find.åÊ His great cause‰ÛÓthe American Union‰ÛÓis divided in a Civil War.But Mr. Lincoln is no ordinary man.åÊ He leads his nation through its darkest hour, finding strength and solace where he can.åÊ Abraham Lincoln struggles with the idea of abolishing slavery.åÊ He knows that freeing the slaves is not without political and military risk.åÊ During this time, Lincoln must also deal with a personal tragedy.åÊ His son, Willie, is deathly ill.Despite the efforts of the doctors, Willie dies.åÊ Reflecting on the sorrow and shortness of life, Lincoln comes to know what he must do.åÊ He issues the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves.The war drags on ‰ÛÓ hundreds of thousands die.åÊ Lincoln is invited to Pennsylvania to help consecrate a military cemetery at Gettysburg.åÊ Lincoln‰۪s short speech is a meditation on dedication to democratic principles which nobly expresses the reasons for all the bloody and costly struggle of ending civil war.There is celebration in the land when the war finally ends.åÊ Unfortunately, Lincoln does not live to oversee the reunion of the nation he loved.åÊ Killed by an assassin‰۪s bullet, Lincoln becomes yet another martyr to the cause he served so well.åÊ His was a life of courage, faith and supreme dedication.Background:Everything that is important to us in this life requires dedication.åÊ Men like Abraham Lincoln show us that maintaining our faith, our family and our country demands a sense of dedication that must be consistently renewed through experience.åÊ His commitment to values, beliefs and faith are embodied in the founding principles of our nation.BONUS Resource & Activity BooksEach interactive DVD includes a 48-page Resource & Activity Book full of skill-developing activities, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! Provides hours of fun and learning for the entire family! The special ‰ÛÏCertificate of Achievement‰۝ located in the back of the book serves as an excellent award your child can display after completing the activities.Principles and Values Taught in This Video Honesty, Friendship, Love, Peacemaking, Faith, Patriotism, Judgment, Wisdom, Fortitude, and Dedication.