Kingdoms Quest (Kingdom Series V5)

by Anchor
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The Adventure Is Just Beginning The final three books in the riveting Kingdom series are an unforgettable parallel to the New Testament! Sir Gavin, a young and rising Noble Knight, has devoted his life to eradicating the followers of the stranger claiming to be the King\'s son from Chessington. But when he\'s saved by none other than the Prince himself, he accepts a new name and mission in Kingdom\'s Call . Now Sir Gavinaugh in Kingdom\'s Quest, he\'s a new man who is taking the Prince\'s message to everyone in the kingdom of Arrethtrae. The ultimate clash between good and evil climaxes in Kingdom\'s Reign . When the Dark Knight, Lucius, and his Shadow Warriors lose to the Prince and his army, they are imprisoned in the Wasteland. But years later they escape and initiate the final battle with the King himself.