Kingdom Advancing Prayer Volume I

by Anchor
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Prayer has always been one of the most powerful tools the Church of Jesus Christ has in establishing the purposes of the Lord. Part of the technology that is being released into the Church as the Lord restores Apostles, is what we describe as Kingdom Advancing Prayer. This kind of prayer puts the Kingdom of God first and foremost; it is above any personal need or agenda. It is similar to the kind of prayer that Elijah prayed, (in 1 Kings 18) as the Lord used him to turn a whole nation around, and destroy the demonic influence that threatened to thwart the Lord\'s purpose. It is reflective of the prayer that Jesus prayed (in John 17) as He prepared to bring to completion His Father\'s Will and go to the cross. The Church of Jesus Christ is stronger and much more determined and equipped than she has ever been, and strong, aggressive, powerful, Spirit-Filled, Kingdom-Centred prayers are being lifted in every nation in the earth. We are seeing the emergence of Houses of Prayer all over the earth with prayer going up 24/7. Prayer that is calling for the Bridegroom\'s return, and for the Bride to be made ready. Prayers that are storming the heavens and binding the \strong men,\ declaring and decreeing God\'s Kingdom rule in every jurisdiction. This is what we call Kingdom Advancing Prayer. This kind of prayer is released from the heart of Father God into the hearts of His people, as we seek for His Glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. What a glorious day to be alive and to be in the Will and Plan of Father God Hallelujah With this kind of understanding and prayer, we could very well be the generation that brings the Lord back.