Keys of the Kingdom

by Anchor
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Keys of the Kingdom reveals Jesus\' process for making the inheritance manifest in our lives. The second edition in a trilogy about the Kingdom, this book deals more specifically with how to have heaven on earth!This book will unravel the mystery of the Keys of the Kingdom and how to use them. Jesus will be put back in the center of our faith because everything taught is based on His teaching, His example, and His resurrection. We will finally know how and why Jesus could do what He did and what that means about our ability to follow in His path.Keys of the Kingdom takes the believer straight to a faith-based application, which leads to an experiential reality of God\'s Truth and Love! The faith-based application of His truth will harmonize us with His goodness, making it a reality in our life experience.Keys of the Kingdom will be either the most significant freeing experience in your walk as a believer, some of the most challenging truths you\'ve ever considered, or a mixture of both.Understanding the truths of the Keys of the Kingdom and putting them into practice will make a monumental difference in your capacity to establish heaven on earth!