Joy For All Seasons

by Anchor
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Imagine reading a book that is so much more than written words on a page but, instead, it is an invitation to experience exuberant joy! Simply imagine the sweet hope that comes from reading about the patience, the gladness and the excitement that is nestled within one woman\'s heart. Imagine!

You have just imagined the devotional book entitled, \Joy for All Seasons\ written by best-selling author, blogger, speaker, radio host, TV host and Bible teacher, Carol McLeod. Carol\'s perspective on life serves as an invitation to live life with gusto and at full-throttle! Her capacity for joy and her resolve to trumpet the bidding to embrace joy in every week of the year is not for the faint of heart. This weekly summons into His presence is filled with rich experiences, with heart-felt celebration and with an intimate knowledge of what it takes to walk with God.

\Joy for All Seasons\ is a weekly devotional that includes Bible verses to consider and questions to ponder. It is perfect for a personal devotional handbook or for group discussion. This is a \once-in-a-lifetime\ book that will be read and re-read year after year after year.