Journey Together

by Anchor
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Are you getting the most out of your marriage? A fulfilling and happy marriage that lasts a lifetime is possible?but how can you have it for yourself? If you?ve grown apart, how do you rediscover intimacy and connectedness together? If your relationship is healthy now, how can you make sure your love stays in bloom? Dr. David Hawkins has worked for more than 40 years as a licensed marriage counselor, and he?s witnessed firsthand that the strongest relationships start with both spouses striving to create habits of empathy and attentiveness. Romances that endure time are built not only on love, but on both partner?s unhesitating decision to appreciate the other. In Journey Together, Dr. Hawkins shares how you and your spouse can learn to… Take time to listen to each other and receive feedback with a happy heartChampion emotional maturity and clear communication in your relationshipSeek win/win solutions to conflicts rather than treating your partner as an adversary No matter what season your marriage is in, Journey Together will give you the tools needed to cultivate deep affection and lasting closeness with your partner.