Jezebel Spirit

by Anchor
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Part of the Discernment Series--\Unmasking the Enemies of the Church\

This booklet contains truths compiled from the writings of Francis Frangipane, featuring chapters from The Three Battlegrounds book.

Over the years we have seen many of God\'s anointed ministers fall to the temptations of the Jezebel spirit. What is the cause, and what are the solutions to this troubling development? As the battle against this enemy rages, this booklet is written with the prayer that each of us will not only be delivered from the reign of the Jezebel spirit, but also inherit the morning star that Christ gives to those who overcome Jezebel.

Find out
How to discern the spirit of Jezebel
Crucial biblical insights from those who fought against Jezebel in the Bible
Effective strategy against the spirit of Jezebel
How to be free from the Jezebel spirit