Jesus Teaches His Disciples, Retold (Contemporary Bible Series )

by Anchor
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Your favorite Bible stories come alive in this bright and colorful series that divides the Bible into 12 books of 29 stories each. Children will love the illustrations ad easily understand the words of this paraphrased version. Look for the other 11 titles and/or the complete set which are also offered. Stories include: Mary and Martha, Farmer\'s seeds, Wheat and weeds, Seed and yeast, Greatest in Heaven, Let he children come to me, Good Shepherd, Lost Sheep, Two Sons, Youngest son returns, Two Prayers, Jesus teaches lesson, Woman washes Jesus\' feet, Sinner\'s Love, Rich offering, Treasures in Heaven, God showers His blessings, Sale and Light of the Earth, Coming together for Jesus, House on rock and sand, Give up everything for God, How to honor God, Good Samaritan, Lazarus and the rich man, Farmer\'s worthless harvest, God\'s heavenly banquet, Ten bridesmaids, King, Three servants.