Jesus Swagger

by Anchor
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Millennial pastor Jarrid Wilson calls his generation to drop the pretenses and poses of false Christianity and walk like true followers of Jesus.It?s easy to live in America as a poser Christian, to keep up appearances while remaining unchanged by the gospel. But in a world of constant conformity, God has called us to be different (Romans 12:2) and set apart (Jeremiah 1:5), walking with a genuine Jesus Swagger. None of us does that perfectly, but all of us can do it better.Jesus Swagger?is about giving younger Christians the perspective necessary to see how they?re doing. Chapter by chapter,?Jesus Swagger?exposes a piece of our false self and bogus motivations so we can become real followers. If we take that journey, we will find a deeper relationship with God?one that changes the world around us. Real Jesus Swagger is contagious. It?s about being who God has called us to be, and not who the world is tempting us to be.