Jesus: Name Above All Names

by Anchor
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Are you experiencing the Power?

People are healed in the Name, saved in the Name, baptized in the Holy Spirit in the Name--there is Power in the Name of Jesus!

But why, then, are so many Christians living a powerless life? \It \' s not because His glorious N ame is not powerful,\ asserts bestselling author Joyce Meyer. \It \' s because we lack true faith in Jesus \' Name!\

Joyce leads you into the throne room to discover the majesty and wonder found at the right hand of the Father. Learn how faith is a force and how the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in you as a Christian can be released through prayer.

Jesus said, \... \'All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth \' \ and \If you ask anything in My name, I will do it\ (Matthew 28:18; John 14:14 nkjv). Jesus gave us His Name to use when we ask in line with His will.

Life transforming? You can expect nothing less from the Giver of all things new. Discover how to release God \'s power in your life today, and accomplish great things through JESUS--Name Above All Names!