Jesus, Bombs And Ice Cream Study Guide

by Anchor
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In this six-session video series, Jesus, Bombs, and Ice Cream, author and activist Shane Claiborne---alongside Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry\'s Ice Cream---guides you on the audacious journey of creating a world filled with peace by ending violence wherever we can.
Author and activist Shane Claiborne believes all people share a vision of a world where love triumphs over hatred, where life conquers death.A couple of years ago, Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and& Jerry\'s Ice Cream, and Claiborne crossed paths. Ben said to Shane, I have read your books, and I like what I see. Shane said to Ben, I have eaten your ice cream, and I like what I taste. They started dreaming and scheming ...?and Jesus, Bombs, and Ice Cream was born.A host of talented friends have joined Shane and Ben for this multi-media presentation.?The participant\'s guide is packed full of stories of reconciliation and grace, quotes, reflections, and questions for groups and individuals to discuss and discern how they can help make a more peaceful world a reality. The accompanying DVD (sold separately) contains over 2 hours of testimonials, together with visual art and music, to provoke participants to imagine humanity with fewer bombs and more ice cream.