Jesus And His Early Ministry (Contemporary Bible Series)

by Anchor
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Your favorite Bible stories come alive in this bright and colorful series that divides the Bible into 12 books of 29 stories each. Children will love the illustrations and easily understand the words of this paraphrased version. Look for the other 11 titles and/or the complete set which are also available. Stories include: An angel visits Zachariah, Angel visits Mary, Mary and Elizabeth, Joseph\'s dream, Jesus is born, Shepherds, King Herod hears about Jesus, Three Wise Men, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus in the temple, John the Baptist, John speaks about Jesus, Jesus is baptized, Devil tempts Jesus, First disciples, Jesus chooses Philip and Nathanael, Fishers of men, Jesus turns water into win, Jesus visits the temple, Jesus and Nicodemus, Water of Life, Believers, Jesus heals, Power of the s, Son speaks for God, Crippled man gets to Jesus, Jesus will return to the father, Nicodemus stands up for Jesus, Levi and the dinner guests.