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Book Three of The Narrow Road Series. The rope was tight around her wrists. She pleaded with Link Jones not to inject her. He tapped the full syringe and squirted out a few drops of the drug. The droplets sprayed into the air like mist. The drug lord had no pity and, it would seem, no soul. The death of Jenn Big Canoe turns a city upside-down. Panicking police try to hide their own addictions. Pocket-filled lawyers and crooked politicians come out of the dark corners like cockroaches. In the darkness, is a flicker of light as Ripley Wilks and Jim Strong search to find justice. They walk the road of sacrifice to finish the work Jenn began: helping a young woman named Sarah escape from Link\'s control before she meets Jenn\'s fate. Ripley and Jim find themselves entangled in a web of corruption with no one to trust but their own wavering faith. About the Author: REBECCA ROBINSON loves to write about subjects that touch the heart. For many years, she has served in church ministries, and she now seeks to minister through writing-hoping that through her work, readers will be encouraged and inspired to seek God in a deeper way.