Jefferson Lies: Exposing The Myths You've Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson

by Anchor
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America, in so many ways, has forgotten its past. Its roots, its purpose, its identity all have become shrouded behind a veil of political correctness bent on twisting the nation\'s founding, and its Founders, to fit within a misshapen modern world.
The time has come to remember again.
In 2012 prominent historian David Barton set out to correct the distorted image of a once-beloved Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, in the New York Times bestselling book \The Jefferson Lies.\ Despite the wildly popular success of the original hardcover edition, a few dedicated liberal individuals and academics campaigned to discredit Barton\'s scholarship and credibility, but to no avail. In his new paperback edition, Barton responds to his critics in a lengthy new preface in which he takes to task his former publisher and directly answers with thorough documentation the main issues his detractors registered, while also providing numerous academic endorsements of his work. This new paperback version certifies that Barton\'s research is sound and his premises are true as he tackles seven myths about Thomas Jefferson head-on, and answers pressing questions about this incredible statesman including:
Did Thomas Jefferson really have a child by his young slave girl, Sally Hemings?
Did he write his own Bible, excluding the parts of Christianity with which he disagreed?
Was he a racist who opposed civil rights and equality for black Americans?
Did he, in his pursuit of separation of church and state, advocate the secularizing of public life?

Through Jefferson\'s own words and the eyewitness testimony of contemporaries, Barton repaints a portrait of the man from Monticello as a visionary, an innovator, a man who revered Jesus, a classical Renaissance man, and a man whose pioneering stand for liberty and God-given inalienable rights fostered a better world for this nation and its posterity. For America, the time to remember these truths again is now