Java With The Judges (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)

by Anchor
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Under the capable leadership of Moses and Joshua, the nation of Israel marched into the Promised Land. After many successful military campaigns, Israel generally pursued the pagan peoples, and God’s people stood clearly in charge. On the eve of Joshua’s death, the nation’s future couldn’t have appeared brighter. But the outlook wasn’t as bright as it seemed. The nation, having fallen short of complete obedience to God, was about to receive some tough love over a lengthy period of time. During this time, Israel plunged into a seemingly endless cycle of sin, suffering, repentance, and temporary deliverance.
In Java with the Judges, Sandra Glahn explores lesser-known facts about the fifteen men and women mentioned in the Bible that led God’s people through trying times. Sandra has adapted this study on Israel’s judges in such a convenient way that it can be read during brief lulls in a woman’s daily schedule that present opportunities for meditation and study (breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, etc.).
Each weekly study in Java with the Judges begins with an introduction to be done on Sundays, followed by five days of studying Scripture and making pertinent life applications along the way. The weekly studies are concluded with fitting devotional readings to be read on Saturdays. These devotionals contain an overview of what has been studied throughout the week along with some closing thoughts and a prayer.
Sandra’s unconventional thought processes regarding the judges are sprinkled throughout as she shatters preconceived myths about the commonly known judges (Gideon, Samson, Deborah, etc.) and sheds light on some of the more obscure ones (Othniel, Ehud, and others). As a result, more emphasis is placed on the vulnerabilities of these men and women and the fact that God chose each of these flawed creatures to use for His greater glory.