I've Got Music in Me CD

by Jack Hartmann
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Ages 2 to 10 - A variety of early childhood skills.Educational Focus :Calendar basics including Days of the Week starting with Sunday,åÊAlphabet recognition,åÊLetter Sounds,åÊOpposites, åÊRight and left with a "åÊfuntastic" version of the Hokey PokeyRight and left with a "åÊfuntastic" version of the Hokey Pokey 1. Be the Best You Can Be 2. Five Little Fish 3. ABC Disco 4. Seven Days of the Week 5. Hip Hop Hokey Pokey 6. Ollie the Otter 7. Body Boogie 8. One Small Voice 9. I've Got Music In Me 10. Learning Letter Sounds 11. Months of the Year Line Dance 12. Opposite Conga 13. Riding on the Bus 14. Watson 15. Here It Is 16. Big Numbers 17. America to Me 18. One Small Voice - music only