It's On The Way! (Aug 2021)

by Anchor
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Heaven heard the moment you prayed. The answer to your prayer, the promise from God\'s Word, the dream God has placed in your on the way!At times, we all find ourselves in seasons of waiting--for our dreams to be fulfilled, our prayers to be answered, or our circumstances to change. But your dream has an appointed time and God always has victory in store for you. And the seasons of waiting don\'t need to be periods of discouragement or hopelessness. Instead, they can be rich periods of joy, growth and preparation for the plans and promotion that God has in store for you.In It\'s On the Way!, Lisa Osteen Comes reminds readers that during these inevitable times in our lives, God is faithful and our current season is temporary. Lisa teaches readers how to press through challenges, quit taking shortcuts instead of trusting God to give you His best, allow God to fight your battles, and silence the enemy within, while giving encouragement and practical steps to take when you don\'t know what to do next.