It's Not How You Look, It's What You See

by Anchor
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Discover your true value and see yourself as God does
We live in a world that determines our value by how we look, but all of that can change when we stop measuring ourselves according to the world’s standards and begin to see the real beauty of what God has placed in us.

If you, like most women, have struggled with body image because of the lies presented in our culture, the truths in this book will set you free. Best-selling author Lisa Bevere provides a candid account of her personal struggles in the area of body image. With God’s help she not only fought this bagle, but won it. And now you can too. Lisa will give you insights that expose the subtle in?uences and blatant lies that hold many women captive.

You will never measure up as long as you keep comparing yourself to others. God’s plan for your life is uniquely yours. Discover it today!