It's Not Fair

by Anchor
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The Church of Jesus Christ is an assembly of limping, scarred, and underachieving human beings who are learning what it means to be drawn by love and transformed by grace. We want to - and ought to be - welcomed just as we are, and loved to become all that we yet shall be, in Christ. Especially in our time of need, what makes the difference is simple, practical kindness. When we come under another\'s judgement, it causes us to shut down, to withdraw, to try to protect ourselves. Kindness does just the opposite, and then some. Its influence can open us up, call us out, and call forth the best in us. Instead of receiving what we deserve - what\'s \'fair\' - GRACE ALONE RESTORES!

\Guy has done a masterful job of bringing a clear sound to the subject of subjects - grace. I found myself giving God praise from cover to cover, simply because of the beauty of his heart that is so gloriously unveiled.\ BILL JOHNSON, BETHEL CHURCH, REDDING CA