It's Great To Be A Girl

by Anchor
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Everywhere your daughter goes--online or in real life--our culture tells her lies about her body. That\'s why bestselling author Dannah Gresh, creator of the Secret Keeper Girl events has developed this resource that points tween girls like yours to the truth about God\'s design.

With stories and examples your daughter can relate to, this Girl\'s Guide takes her to the Bible as her resource, helping her meditate on its message and have fun while she does it. She\'ll explore questions such as

What if my body is different from everyone else\'s?
What does the Bible mean by \Honor God with your body\?
What about makeup--should I wear it? If so, how much?
Should I be afraid to grow up?
What\'s the big deal with nutrition and exercise?
Here\'s solid guidance with biblical grounding that will help your daughter grow spiritually as she\'s maturing physically.

About this series: The Girl\'s Guide books in the Secret Keeper Girl Series have been created for tween girls to help them explore topics important to them and give them the opportunity to travel deeper into \God\'s diary\--the Bible--for truth and instruction.