It Starts With One Participant's Guide

by Anchor
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What does it mean to be the church? What part do we play in living out the mission Jesus left for his followers?  To understand and be inspired in our role as the church, this study from Seacoast Church takes you back to where it all began. Jesus is very clear about the mission for His followers. In It Starts with One, you will explore Acts 1-6, the early formation of the church and the disciples\' dependency upon the Holy Spirit as they discover what this means for the church today.Experience the urgency, the mission, and the passion of the early church for spreading the Kingdom of God as you:Worship God enthusiasticallyGrow in maturity and consistencyConnect with the church regularlyServe others unselfishlyShare your faith effectively This unique study can be used on your own for personal devotions and study or for study with your small group, family, youth group, or even your entire church. Participant\'s Guide features:Daily readings Questions for personal reflectionAction steps for personal growthGuide for small group discussionGuide for family discussion Tips for implementing this study in a youth groupFor use with It Starts with One DVD-Based Study (ISBN 9781418546120).