Islam And Christianity Pamphlet (Pack of 5) (Pkg-5)

by Anchor
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The insightful and concise Islam & Christianity pamphlet compares the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims (followers of Islamic faith) in a single glance. Using an easy-to-follow, fold-out chart format, this bestselling pamphlet helps believers understand the key differences between Muslims and Christian. It looks at key issues and asks, \What Muslims Believe,\ \What Christians Believe,\ and addresses \How to Correct Misunderstandings.\ With this knowledge believers can reach out to Muslim without offending cultural sensitivities.
Size: 8.5\x 5.5\ unfolds to 33\ long. Fits inside most Bible covers.
Here are a few of the interesting facts that teachers and their students will encounter in studying Christianity and Islam:
Muslims believe Muhammad is the final prophet, but that Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life
That many Muslims misunderstand the concept of the Trinity.
That some Muslims are worried that Western society will corrupt their children because of the images they see on TV and magazines
Muslims are committed to the Five Pillars of religion
In Islam, there is no savior; Allah is supreme