Is It Friday Already?

by Anchor
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Do you live for Friday? That last day of the work or school week for most of us, that leads into another glorious weekend? Do you dread the \Monday morning blues\? Are you firmly entrenched in the doldrums on Tuesdays and feel like you\'re climbing Mt. Everest just to make it over Wednesday\'s hump? Are you treading water for most of Thursday? Is It Friday Already? is a compilation of humorous short stories relating some of the Author\'s more memorable everyday experiences and his perceptions of world events, past and present. Based on fact, the truth of the subject matter is stretched beyond measure, tending to leave the reader in a twilight zone somewhere between fact and fiction, between the seriousness and \'unseriousness\' of it all. In an attempt to portray the humorous possibilities in many of life\'s ordinary events, the Author\'s goal is to provide the reader \'rose coloured glasses\' to wear in viewing a troubled world from \'far out in left field\'.