Invitations To Abundance

by Anchor
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What do the feasts of the Bible have to say about our place in the tired world in which we live?In short, everything.From Genesis through Revelation, redemptive history is captured through feasts. Through them, God calls his people to remember mercy, delight in grace, and commune with him?and proves he doesn?t ration his rich, soul-satisfying love, but instead lavishes it upon us.Invitations to Abundance brings alive the feasts of scripture and illuminates how relevant they are in our modern world that?s so defined by worry, isolation, and disillusionment. When your heart needs encouragement, these wondrous celebrations give you a reason to find security, unity, and hope.Each chapter presents a unique feast from Scripture?from the well-known to the less familiar?and considers how you can respond worshipfully as a partaker of these celebrations. Invitations to Abundance shows you how to reciprocate God?s initiating kindness, and what it means to live knowing God?s table is spread before you.