Invitations Of Jesus

by Anchor
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How do we respond to the invitations of Jesus? Trevor Hudson calls us to consider the invitations Jesus offers in five dimensions of life. In his gentle and intimate style, Trevor leads you to see where Christ is touching your life, calling you to deeper relationship with God, self, and neighbor. This six-week small group study includes a Leader?s Guide for small-group facilitation. The sessions are structured to last one hour and open with a prayer followed by reading the Word, reflecting on the chapter invitation, and responding to the invitation. Excerpt: Over eighteen centuries ago, St. Ireneaus penned this provocative sentence: ?The glory of God is a human being who is fully alive.? Whatever else these words may mean, the kernel of this insight is all about aliveness?coming alive to the intimacy possible between God and each one of us, entering into a life of transforming discipleship with Jesus, experiencing the profound renewal that comes with being alone with God, sharing with others in God?s mission of healing our world, entering into that sacred mystery of dying and rising with Christ. Should the Spirit of God breathe this aliveness into your life through your engagement with this book, I will be deeply grateful. ?From the introduction