Intimate Moments For Couples

by Anchor
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Discover how to have the intimate and fulfilling relationship you\'ve always hoped for!

This book is an excellent resource for engaged and newly married couples, but is also a relevant tool for those with seasoned years in marriage. Whether you\'re searcing for ways to rekindle the intimacy that was once alive in your marriage, looking for answers to problems you\'re currently facing, or even if you find you have a great marriage but you\'re just hoping for a new level of intimacy with your mate...this book offers tangible advice and tools to put in use.

A wise man once said that \a marriage without intimacy is just another kind of loneliness.\ How very true. Intimate moments can never be forced, but they can be cultivated. This book shows couples how to carve out time to be together, not just physically but emotionally as well, to create opportunities for intimacy.

An intimate moment may be fun, even funny, or it may be tenderly poignant. Intimate moments can occur anywhere at any time - sharing conversation and coffee on the deck after putting the children to bed, comforting each other after one of life\'s inevitable disappointments, watching a movie together, walking on the beach, seeing a child graduate, or even while praying together.

Intimate Moments for Couples provides fifty thought-provoking and inspiring devotionals, each including:

* Action steps for cultivating intimacy in marriage
* Quotes from today\'s most respected marriage experts
* A Scripture that relates specifically to each devotion
* A prayer for readers to seek God\'s help in applying the principles to their marriage

It IS possible to have an intimate and fulfilling marriage and this book offers you the opportunity to experience your relationship in a fresh new way, with meaningful devotions, tangible advice, and instruction.

The author, Richard Exley, draws upon more than 4 decades of marriage, counseling, and ministry. He has conducted over 200 marriage seminars and retreats with his wife, Barbara, and understands the unique needs and challenges couples face in the 21st Century.