Intimacy With God

by Anchor
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This recently revised and updated devotional book turns the Bible\'s most expressive book¿the Psalms¿into your intimate meeting place with God.

FOLLOW THE PSALM WRITERS INTO A DEEPER EXPERIENCE OF GOD. You\'ve known the love of a parent, the closeness of a friend, or the intimacy of a mate. How could you hope to experience an even deeper relationship with someone you\'ve never met face-to-face?
It\'s not only possible, but promised. In Intimacy with God, Cynthia Heald turns the Bible\'s most expressive book into a dwelling place for your heart\'s deepest needs. You\'ll find yourself becoming more honest and vulnerable before God as you: track the Psalm writer\'s struggles and triumphs on their way to intimacy with God; make fresh, personal observations with the help of quotes from classic Christian authors and thinkers; spend more time reflecting and less time looking for \ ight answers\; adapt the depth and pace of study to your own needs; and experience the rich, lively discussions with others who join you in Bible study.

Whether you are a man or woman, Intimacy with God will help you say along with David \O God, you are my God...