Instructions For The Living Room

by Anchor
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Feeling as if your plans, your dreams, or even your life is falling apart? You may be entering a living room!

Nearly a decade after her award-winning book Reflections from the Waiting Room, Keturah invites readers on another fascinating journey, this time into the living rooms of their lives. Conceived during her own living room experience -- a time filled with unprecedented personal, professional and spiritual crises -- Keturah shines a contemporary lens on a timeless truth: sometimes life does not work out according to our plans.

What emerges is a practical yet challenging study of Psalm 37, David’s psalm of encouragement. Keturah reminds us that when our plans fall apart and we unexpectedly face a living room experience, we have at least two choices: we can simply go through these experiences or we can determine to grow. Allow these 12½ rules to enable you to develop the uncommon grace required to produce lasting growth from each of your unexpected living room experiences.

“Expect to be amazed as you learn what King David has to teach you from just one psalm. Linger on the heartfelt instructions shared by this author and birthed in her own experience.”

-Lynne Maukonen, Compass Counselling & Coaching Services

“[These 12½ rules] work?and have the power to transform a heart shattered by brokenness into a heart that embraces the broken!”

- Margaret Gibb, Founder and Executive Director of Women Together

Keturah Harris has one mission in life?inspiring you to achieve yours! She is an award-winning author, conference speaker, workshop leader, management consultant, and career coach. Keturah’s passion for facilitating positive transformation has motivated individuals, groups, and organizations to identify and wholeheartedly pursue their unique God-given destinies.