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So many people in our world are in a very difficult place, with the threat of world economic collapse and demented dictators with nuclear and chemical weapons; the world at large is struggling for perspective. Innovation is Gods answer to our crisis; it reveals what we dont see. It helps us see what is so clear to divinity, But so vague to humanity. Innovation gives us the winning edge, the missing link that makes a huge difference in our final outcome. God has always engineered a way of escape for His peoplea prison for Joshua, a jawbone for Samson, a widow woman and her son for Elijah, a field of barley for Ruth, a boys lunch for the disciplesPeters boat for Jesus sermon. Innovation is a change in the thought process for doing something or the useful application of new inventions or discoveries. It may refer to an incremental emergent or radical revolutionary changed in thinking, products, processes or organizations. Innovators are refresh, they constantly recreate themselves and their organization, because yesterdays cutting edge is todays dull and antiquated. Its been said that is all you have is a hammer, then every problems a nail. In this book on Innovation you will discover every tool God has placed in your tool box in a world of possibilities and potential. Learn to wake up every day and declare the creator lives in me to release His plan and purpose through me.