In The Zone

by Anchor
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In the Zone will keep you on-track with a clear-cut method to reach your goals. Many Christians struggle with getting from where they are to where they want to be. Some get stuck. Some have faith but not the will to make their dreams a reality. Others stumble. But champions find ways to clear their hurdles and run the race in the zone.
What’s it like to be in the zone? It’s like you can’t do anything wrong. All the pieces fall together effortlessly. Time slows down. Everything is in sync. You can’t miss. Nothing distracts you. You have heightened awareness. You feel at your peak and you perform at your best. But a lot of effort goes into looking effortless. Someone who performs in the zone has spent countless hours practicing and thinking about all those pieces that seem to fit miraculously together in the heat of competition. And the ability to shut out distractions comes as a result of hard knocks. Using the metaphor of hurdling from his own medal-winning Olympic experiences, Mark Crear shows readers that, with discipline, you can stay in the zone and overcome the obstacles that block your success.