In The Steps Of Saint Paul

by Anchor
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Drawing mainly on Luke\'s account in Acts, as well as on Paul\'s own letters, Peter Walker reconstructs Paul\'s wide-ranging travels, detailing some of the most important sites of the early church. We begin in Damascus, then follow Paul on his first and second \missionary journeys,\ then trace his final visit to Jerusalem and Caesarea, and eventually arrive in Rome. Each chapter focuses on a particular site and includes a section on Paul\'s story within that location, a list of key dates which give readers an overview of significant events associated with that place, and an exploration of the location as a visitor might encounter it today. Readers are transported to the rugged \Cilician Gates\ of southern Turkey, the marketplaces of Athens, Corinth, and Ephesus, the bleak expanses of ancient Galatia, and the wintry, wind-swept shores of Malta.