In Search Of Gods Perfection

by Anchor
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\Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.\
—Matthew 5:48

Perfection is not some intangible level of existence that sounds good in theory but is impossible to achieve in real life. Perfection is not only obtainable, but it should be our goal as believers. God has made divine provision for each of us to become perfect.

Follow legendary teacher and author Andrew Murray as he takes you through the many appearances of the word perfect in Scripture. From these passages, Murray concludes that...

  • Perfection is possible and attainable.

  • To know perfection, we must accept God\'s commands and obey them.

  • Perfection is not an arbitrary command; the nature of God can ask for nothing less.

  • Perfection is the highest aim of what God, in His great power, can do for us.

\The more we see God\'s face and hear the secret voice that comes directly from Him, saying, \'Be...perfect,\' the more the Holy Spirit dwelling within us will unfold the heavenly fullness and power of the words.\
—Andrew Murray