In His Hands

by Anchor
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When Paul Loofs finally escaped the dictatorships of his childhood years in East Germany, he moved halfway around the world to make a life for himself in free, beautiful British Columbia-and soon after, purchased a fateful 1955 Volkswagen Beetle. In that amphibious grey car, all alone, he would see the world: fording rivers, crossing foreign borders, braving high mountain passes, and venturing into some of the most distant and remote corners of the earth. Except he wasn\'t alone. Through adventures as numerous as they were daring, he was continually protected by many angels. In his memoirs, spanning seventy-five years of tragedy and triumph, Paul recounts a life overflowing with grace and divine intervention. No matter how far he travelled, no matter how dire the circumstances, he always rested peacefully in the knowledge that God held him... in His hands. Wolfgang Paul Loofs was born in Germany in 1929 and lived through the Third Reich period and World War Two, escaping from the Soviet Occupation Zone after graduating in Leipzig in 1947. After four years in Europe, he emigrated to Canada and had two careers: twenty years in the mining industry, during which he made three around-the-world trips by VW Beetle, and another twenty years with the federal government as a translator/revisor. Paul has been a godfather to several Central American foster children, and for the last thirty years he has volunteered for medical missions to Latin America. He is married in Honduras and divides his time between that country and Canada.