In His Hands

by Anchor
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Born more than a hundred years ago into a pastoral Mennonite village in southern Russia, Heinrich Braun never could have conceived the world of turbulence he was about to enter. Following the death of his parents in a typhus epidemic, Heinrich\'s inheritance appeared to be nothing but sorrow, strife, and starvation. From such humble origins, Heinrich rose up and took the reins of his life, through the grace and empowerment of his Lord and Savior, crossing an ocean and resettling in a new land of promise and opportunity: Canada. In Canada, Heinrich discovered love, married, and gave rise to a sprawling family. Today, his far-reaching legacy of love and faith is remembered by hundreds-and now chronicled for all to read and gain strength. About the Author The eldest of Heinrich Braun\'s children, Helena (Braun) Fast spent countless hours working with her father to record his experiences for this biography. She had the opportunity to travel with her husband, Henry, to Russia, to see where Heinrich\'s story began. Helena was also a teacher, and took joy in being an active member of her church, working with children in the youth program and Sunday School.