In God We Trust

by Anchor
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Almighty God has a great and wonderful plan for all of us. We\'re very privileged to be a part of His plan for all eternity. God has a destiny for each person. If we learn to trust Him by letting Him teach, guide, and be a part of our everyday lives, a future is coming filled with happiness and peace for all eternity. I sincerely hope you have begun to understand God\'s great and wonderful mind. In reading this book, I hope and pray He will help you fulfill your wonderful destiny. Amen. About the Author: James Bird was born and raised in a small town in northern Saskatchewan called Meadow Lake. His parents had only two children. He moved away in the fall of 1974 to find steady work in North Battleford and has seldom returned since for any length of time. He always wonders about what\'s over the next horizon, since his father told him to never, ever look back.