In Allah They Trust

by Anchor
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ISLAM.. MUSLIMS.. What goes through your mind when these words are spoken? What emotions do they evoke? Love? Compassion? Curiosity? Fear? Anger? Hatred? Have you ever stopped to think about this? Do you even care about this? Kamran Karimi\'s goal is to show the Church the force behind Islam and at the same time promote a love and a compassion for Muslims world-wide. Muslims are held captive by this force and need the love of God to liberate them from the chains and tyranny of Islam. It is vital that we understand that we are not wrestling against Muslims, but we are wrestling against the force named Islam, which has come to stamp out the freedom that is found in and through Jesus Christ. This book will wake up the Church by showing how Islam is at our doorstep and that it is time to get on our knees and pray. Prayer, motivated by the love of God, is what will make a difference in the world today. This book was not written to spark fear or anger in you. Instead, it was written to soften your heart towards Muslims and move you to share the gospel and the love of God with these precious people with compassion. In this book you will learn: The Roots of Islam - The Spread of Islam - The Personality of Islam Today - Principality of Islam and how it is seen in the Bible - The Threefold Purpose of America - U.S. Constitution vs. Sharia Law - Islamic Ideology is Incompatible with Liberty - The Answer to Islam and Strategic Prayers - Dismantling Islam and the Law - Loving Muslims - Knowing the Difference Between Islam and Muslims - And Much More . . .