In All Generations

by Anchor
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From the Weald of Kent, Surrey, and Sussex to the Belgravia section of Central London, to the primitive forests of Northwestern Ontario, and to the entire nation, this book traces the history of the Upton family in a spellbinding chronicle that portrays the goodness and grace of God available to all who place their trust and confidence in Him. This gripping saga follows the history of the Upton name, dating back over tencenturies, to the ten most recent generations. The reader will be riveted by account after account of God\'s miraculous interventions, from instances of certain death or injury to redirecting a lifetime occupation to one in the service of the King through the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. In these pages, you\'ll find vignettes of the Pentecostal movement\'s early history, which circled the globe in the twentieth century, and the role played by members of the Upton family in its inception and continuing development. You\'ll be left with a new appreciation of what it means to follow God wherever He may lead, and to reap the boundless spiritual benefits that accrue from obedience to His revealed will.