Imagine The Possibilities

by Anchor
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Imagine the possibilities.

Drs. Bull and Pingel invite you to travel with them around the world, visiting different Lutheran schools that are growing, innovating, and thriving in a culture that challenges Christian education.

Each of the eleven case studies in this book looks at a successful school, delving into its background and history, challenges and opportunities, goals and outcomes. Far from a step-by-step recipe for success, Imagine the Possibilities will expand your awareness of the vast potential in Christian education and provide you with ideas to consider implementing in your school.

May these examples inspire you to create your own compelling story of a thriving Lutheran school, wherever God has called you to serve.

About the Authors
Dr. Bernard Bull is the vice provost for Curriculum and Academic Innovation and an associate professor of education at Concordia University Wisconsin.

Dr. James Pingel is the dean of the School of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin.

Praise for Imagine the Possibilities
“Meaningful to anyone who is interested in educational success or even leadership in general.”
—Deborah Carter, PhD, Assistant Professor, Concordia College—New York

“Well done, Drs. Bull and Pingel! Thank you for reminding us that Lutheran education, by God’s grace, continues to thrive in depth and breadth and remains God’s tool of Gospel proclamation.”
—Rev. Brian L. Friedrich, PhD, President, Concordia University Nebraska

“After reading these stories, you can’t help but be excited to start the conversation about how God can use your school to have an even greater impact on the families He has called you to serve.”
—Travis Grulke, MA, Assistant to the President—Superintendent of Schools, Michigan District, LCMS

“A must-read for all who desire to make Christian education meaningful in the context God has given them.”
—Becky Peters, EdD, Director of Lutheran Teaching Ministry, Concordia University, Irvine