iAspire Teen Bible Study Notebook (Nov)

by Anchor
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iAspire to know God.iAspire to serve others.iAspire to be the best I can be.You want your life to matter, and the iAspire Teen Bible Study Notebook encourages you to aspire to greatness?knowing God?s will through His Word. A follow-up to Barbour?s iAspire Teen Study Bible and iAspire Teen Devotions, this brand-new study notebook provides handsomely designed space for you to capture insights from your own times in God?s Word.Each page includes basic but thought-provoking prompts such asWho are your top 3 Bible characters? Why?What is your favorite Bible story? What?s so special about it?Find an important verse to memorize, and write it here: ______ Now, memorize it!And there?s plenty of space for you to write down what you?re learning and feeling.Created especially for 13?18-year-olds, this notebook could just be the beginning of a lifelong journey of discovery. You aspire to great things. Make the first thing knowing God through His Word!