I Thank God For This Day! Music Book (VeggieTales)-Board Book (Jun 2020)

by Anchor
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This musical VeggieTales board book teaches young children to thank God for his daily blessings and features a sound button for singing along.The Veggies know that it is fun and important to thank God for the good things he gives us. Follow along as Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot, and the rest of the Veggies enjoy a sunny day at the park and express gratitude for the things that make them glad. This edition pairs the lyrics of the Veggies\'\' \'Thankfulness Song\' with bright illustrations of our favorite Veggies in the beloved classic character style. For added fun, children can push the book\'\'s sound button and hear the refrain of the song. To make the music stop, simply press the button again. This joyful book helps children practice gratitude as they realize how many reasons there are to be thankful.