I Love Him Lord But Hes Not A

by wasSTL
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I Love Him Lord, but He's Not a Christian is the unmarried Christian woman's guide to deliverance from relationships with men who do not share your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Unequally yoked relationships are toxic. This book, premised on God's Holy Scriptures, encourages you to seek freedom from the toxic relationship you may be in, forsake the toxic relationship you may be considering, or thwart the plan of the devil to engage you in toxic relationships in the future. Readers are armed with the Word of God, testimonies of the author and other women, and prayerful applications to help guide them toward deliverance from unequally yoked relationships with nonbelievers or immature Christians. Readers are challenged with the question, How can he love you as Christ loves the church, if he does not know how Christ loves the church. This book offers encouragement and hope to single Christian women.