I Am Dangerous

by Anchor
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If I told you that I had lived a pretty normal life and struggled with normal teen issues such as bulimia and bad relationships, then somehow managed to meet and marry an amazing person, only to have him be diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirty and pass away a few months before our ten-year wedding anniversary, you may think my story is a sad one. If I then told you that I would spiral out of control for a few months, only to run into an amazing guy who would stick with me through the hard times because he somehow still saw something in me worth waiting for, and all the pieces of my life would fall into place again, you may think my story is one of triumph. This is why I simply refer to my story as \all the God stories of my life.\ There\'s no category for it other than to say it just has to be God. About the Author: Jen Dawson experienced her first tragic loss at thirty, when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Devastated, she begged God to take her life as well. Unwavering in His plans for her, God answered this prayer with a resounding \No.\ What Jen didn\'t know was that God was preparing her to meet her future husband. Greg bravely stepped into a life that had been broken and stayed with Jen, working to put back the pieces to form a new and beautiful pattern. They would quickly discover that this was no easy task and the only one truly able to make it happen is God. They\'ve become a couple united in prayer, faith, and hope. Greg and Jen have one child. Jacob Gregory Dawson was born on February 29, 2012. The blessings never stop!