How We Love Matters

by Anchor
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How We Love Matters reimagines discipleship amongst believers and in the Church, begging us to acknowledge that racism has been discipled into the church. To defeat racism, we must intentionally disciple it out. This book equips and encourages the reader to pursue this goal through ten letters written to different components of America steeped in Tate?s past, present, and future?to Mississippi, to our Ancestors, to Whiteness, to the Church in three facets (Black church, White church, and the Multi-Ethnic church), and more. Tate asks us to sit in racial discomfort in order to learn another?s experience and examine the role they may play in someone else?s racial struggle. These letters present an anti-racist mission and vision for believers to follow that helps us to speak up at the family table and call out this evil so it will not persist in future generations.