How To Live Forever...Without Being Religious

by Anchor
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Ray Comfort has done it again. He once again convincingly reminds us that we are sinners. Yes, ALL of us. But only those who take hold of the rope that God Himself has thrown usÑJesus ChristÑwill be spared death and Hell. Those of us who take hold of that rope have a responsibility to help save others. But first the lost need to understand that they're in danger and need saving. That's tricky business that gets all tangled up in "religion" and awkwardness. Comfort shows you how to overcome your personal reluctance and gives you some smart strategies for reaching out and handing your end of the rope to another soul. This is a quick-study manual for evangelism for a Christian ... with a surprising twist. Comfort uses his lesson as a lead into the Gospel of John. This powerful book suddenly segues into a book of the Bible ... and transforms into a tract. Is already being promoted on the Way of the Master television and radio programs.